Fireside Tax is excited to be preparing taxes and helping people and businesses plan for the new tax laws.  It is literally the most sweeping changes in tax law since Ronald Reagan.  Withholding tables should be adjusted and you will likely see more in your paycheck in February.  Contrary to a lot of poorly researched news reports, the vast majority of people will see their taxes cut.  Whenever someone declares you are losing a tax benefit, remember there are a lot of provisions and typically that benefit is given to you in a different way and your tax bill is ultimately lower.


Fireside is pleased to announce that we are now providing billing agent services to individuals or agencies providing services to developmentally disabled individuals.  If you are interested please call us for details.


We are now open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm.  We are open by appointment later than that but never on Sunday. 


Employers used to have to issue W2s to employees by February 1st but could wait until as late at March 31 to actually submit that information to the government.  Fraudsters would file a return under someone’s name with fabricated income information and without W2 information to cross check it, the IRS would issue the refund.  Now employers are required to submit the W2 information to the government by the same deadline they have to issue to the employees and fines for missing deadlines are steep.  Fireside offers Flat Fee Payroll for any employers that feel overwhelmed.


Those two measures will allow the IRS to be able to cross-check information before issuing refunds.  However for both employees and employers this will result in stress.  Again, Fireside is here to help and all you have to do is call. For employees with refundable credits, we offer refund advances up to $1,500 and an additional loan up to $1,000.

Fireside Tax is here to help you keep more of your money in the midst of a swirl of new tax laws, health care regulations, and a changing economy.  We offer tax preparation, accounting and payroll services for individual and small business clients throughout the Stark County area. 

Generally if you have all of your tax documents and information, we can do your return now.


Forms you may need:


These are the most common forms needed that clients don’t have when they come in.  Generally any correspondence that says important tax documents or words to that effect should be saved and brought in.


W2s:  These are due to be sent by February 1st.  You must have ALL of them from every employer in order to file.  Filing with a last paystub may result in a fine for both you and the preparer. 


1098T:  Education Credits.  If you attended college classes you may be eligible for credits.  You may receive these in the mail but they are usually available much quicker by logging on to your student account at the educational institution.  If you don’t have the form, bring the user id and password for each student you are claiming for either yourself, spouse or other dependant.


1095 Series Forms:  These are health insurance forms. This year there is an A, B and a C. The only one that is required to file is the 1095A.


            1095A:  If you get your insurance through “the marketplace” aka, this form is issued to document information related to your premiums and any subsidies you have received.  This is required.


            1095B:  Pretty much any insurance you have other than through an employer or  This is not required to be sent with the return but you should keep your copy when you receive.  Generally the purpose of this is to prove you have insurance but you can use anything else such as medical cards or insurance statements.


            1095C:  Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage.  Some employers are required to send these but you as the taxpayer/employee only need to prove coverage.  Proof can be accomplished with a paystub or W2 reflecting premiums deducted among other documents.  You do not necessarily need to have this to file.  If you receive one you should keep it with your tax return.


            1099-R:  Any pension or retirement plan distribution.  If you took money out of a retirement plan, you should expect to receive one of these and it is required in order to file your return.

Hours are 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.  Other times by appointment.  Closed on Sundays.


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