Fireside Tax, Inc. was started as Fireside Services which was a sole proprietorship of Timothy P. Singo, who is an accountant.  It was started in 2004 when Tim felt that he had  enough experience as a paralegal and a tax preparer to start his own business.  If you are looking to have your taxes done, you can either file directly online through this site or contact Tim at 330-478-1505 or 330-224-5325 to set up an appointment.  We use state of the art software and provide a full range of services including electronic filing.

I am often asked why I named my business Fireside and use a brick fireplace for a logo.  The fireplace depicted in the logo is the fireplace in the home office that I started the business in.  As I searched for a name that would invoke positive images of my business, I was sitting in this room dominated by a fireplace that I enjoyed very much.  I often read books on a cold winter night with a fire burning as well as toasting marshmallows and smoores with my wife and kids.  The answer was obvious and using a digital camera I created the logo and named the business Fireside Services.  I later renamed the business Fireside Tax to avoid confusion with a provider of fireplaces or a chimney sweep.

then moved into the Canton Centre Mall and quickly realized something was missing.  With a little creativity I constructed a stage prop fireplace.  It made every move with me and today sits in the waiting room at my current location at 4945 West Tuscarawas Street which is across the street from Central Catholic High School and St. Joan of Arc.

Now that Fireside Tax is becoming a corporation, we can offer you the opportunity to invest in our success.  We are growing and that takes investment to continue.  Fireside Tax, Inc. is offering a limited number of $1,000 bonds which will pay 6% annually for 3-5 years.  Contact us today if you are interested.

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