Every year, CPA Practice Advisor asks readers to vote on the technology—both software and hardware—they trust the most. Just one day before the individual filing deadline, the publication announced the results of its nineteenth annual Readers’ Choice Awards, which included more than 5,000 respondents.

Just like years past, thousands of customers recognized Drake Software as a reliable partner during filing season. In addition to claiming the same five categories as last year, our solutions also took first place for website-builder, CPE-provider, and hosting-solution services.

Which categories did Drake Software win?

Federal/State Income Tax Preparation: Drake Tax®

Tax professionals need a reliable professional tax preparation solution—especially when navigating unprecedented challenges like a once-a-century pandemic. Since CPA Practice Advisor began hosting the Readers’ Choice Awards, Drake Tax has proven to be a dependable partner for paid tax return preparers: winning the Federal/State Income Tax Preparation category 18 times. Learn more about Drake Tax.

Tax Planning Systems: Drake Tax Planner

Being able to quickly compare clients’ current tax situation with other possible scenarios—from having a child to changing jobs—helps you easily provide tax planning services. Just like last year, the Drake Tax Planner won the Tax Planning Systems category. Learn more about the Drake Tax Planner.

1099/W-2 Compliance: Drake Accounting®

Tax professionals who have small business clients commonly provide payroll services. Drake Accounting is our fully integrated bookkeeping solution, and it includes a number of essential payroll features, including live and after-the-fact payroll, multi-location payroll, and e-filing for Forms 94x, W-2, W-2G, W-3, and 1099. Learn more about Drake Accounting.

Client Portals: Drake Portals

While remote tax preparation initially gained traction during the pandemic, many have now embraced the convenience of using Internet-based platforms to facilitate tax preparation services. Drake Portals allows tax professionals to securely exchange client tax documents, gather signatures, collect payments, back up files, and send instant messages. Learn more about Drake Portals.

Document Management & Document Storage: Drake Documents

Serving as the Drake Tax- and Drake Portals-integrated document management solution for client records and returns, Drake Documents also produces PDF images, password protects files, and watermarks documents as final, review, or draft. Learn more about Drake Documents.

Website Builders & Services for Accounting Firms: Drake Software SiteDart Hosting

SiteDart Hosting specializes in building websites for tax and accounting professionals, so you don’t need any experience with HTML to have a site with features like a financial calculator, tax-rate information, tax-return checklists, and federal and state refund searches. Learn more about SiteDart Hosting.

Favorite CPE Provider: DrakeCPE®

In addition to keeping tax pros informed about the latest tax and industry updates, continuing professional education is required to maintain myriad professional designations. For some, finding a reputable CPE provider that satisfies their educational needs and fits their busy schedules can be challenging. DrakeCPE offers more than 50 courses in a variety of formats, including self-study, on-demand, and live webinars. Learn more about DrakeCPE.   

ASP/Hosted Solution Providers: Drake Software Hosting Powered by Right Networks

Whether operating a multi-site firm or needing anytime, anywhere access to your tax preparation applications, hosting software on a platform like Right Networks provides the convenience of browser-based applications with the user experience of local installs. In addition to accessing Drake Tax and Drake Accounting from any location with high-speed Internet, your data is stored in Tier 4 data centers that run 90-day, nightly rolling backups. Learn more about Drake Software Hosting Powered by Right Networks.   

How did our partners perform?

Other Workflow Tools: GruntWorx®

The frenetic pace of filing season has led many tax professionals to seek workflow solutions that can help save their practice time. GruntWorx products automate a number of tasks, from organizing client documents to entering data in returns, and they are integrated with Drake Tax. Learn more about GruntWorx.

Tax Document Automation: GruntWorx Populate

Populate saves time spent on data entry by extracting and inserting information from scanned client tax documents into many professional tax preparation applications. Integration with Drake Tax makes this process even easier, since scanning, printing, and file management can all be handled in Drake Documents.

Tax & Accounting Research Systems: TheTaxBook

It’s essential that you have the tax information you need when you need it, especially during filing season. TheTaxBook WebLibrary Plus is a deep tax research database that is integrated within Drake Tax. Learn more about TheTaxBook.

Source: CPA Practice Advisor 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards

Article provided by Taxing Subjects.