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New to Fireside Tax Payroll?

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Once you are setup to run payroll with us, we will provide you with the paystubs, the register and the tax collection receipt – every time.

If your employees are not signed up on the portal to view their paystubs, you should print and hand the paystubs out. You can also skip the printing and provide email addresses for each employee and they can view and print whatever paystubs they need at any time.

When you submit payroll info to the email address that we provide you, please organize employees alphabetically by last name. This helps our team process your information faster.

Tips for Success

– ✔️ Provide Fireside Tax an email address that is not bombarded by promotional emails and attach that email to your smartphone so that you are instantly notified of any updates concerning payroll. 

✔️ Read the emails we send you and review all attachments.

✔️ Review the tips and info on this webpage

✔️ Online banking is a must for direct deposit and accounting, you don’t need to access it all the time but you should log in and check on your accounts.

✔️ Be OPEN to change, we understand you might have processed payroll a certain way for x years. We do our best to accommodate you but unwillingness to adapt has not shown a record of success. Our most successful payroll clients, “go with the flow”, ask questions, check in often, and read their emails from us.

✔️On the week of pay week, please make sure all relevant funds are moved into the payroll account by Monday or (in case of holiday)5 business days prior to pay day. Pay day must be a non-holiday and business day or else the deposit is moved to an earlier date which will also change your transfer schedule. 

✔️Inform your employees that the W4 Form changed in 2021 and many people naturally will not have Federal tax withheld. If full time, they should put an amount in Line 4C of the W4 form. 



2024 New Hire Packet

Why isn’t there enough Federal Tax coming out?

in 2021 the W4 form was updated. The old way of “Claim zero and the max tax will be taken out” is no longer a valid setting.

Many people end up owing because the calculations changed. PLEASE Read your W4 Form carefully and read the entire page at  https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/taxes/how-to-fill-out-form-w4-guide

We highly recommend that on line 4C of the W4 that you manually input a Federal tax withholding amount that you can afford to part with as you’re paid throughout the year. This amount depends on what you make and what you can part with. 

 Let’s say an employee can part with $25 a pay and they are paid bi-weekly.  26 pays a year, $25×26 = $650 is paid to Federal Tax. Anything held in excess is refunded at tax time. It is a great idea to update your W4 in late December so you can take advantage of the full new year to withhold your taxes correctly. 

The IRS has a tax withholding estimator however it can get complicated – https://apps.irs.gov/app/tax-withholding-estimator

We will calculate in office for all employees – Payroll client or not – The cost is $25.00* and please bring the previous years tax info, and three most recent paystubs.

*Price subject to change


Ohio BWC

(or otherwiser On your New Hire Packet there is a BWC code, these codes are typically assigned to you which you would need to contact your Ohio BWC representative about. You can look up the codes as well. Each employee needs to be assigned a code based on their position. For example, a dishwasher position is different than a waitress so they have different codes. We must clarify these records with you once a year (Usually Early Summer) for all employees that have ever worked for you. Why? This allows Ohio BWC to assign the most accurate rate and usually it can LOWER your rate. 


You can pay your BWC annually and save 2% on the entire cost for the year?

You can also break the payment down into installments into monthly or semi-annual payments. HOWEVER there is only one small period of time each year to make your changes! Between May 1st to May 15th you need to make changes to your BWC payment frequency to make it work the way you need it to for you. 

If you need to cancel your BWC policy you must do so before July 1st (or otherwise stated date) of the current year or you WILL be held responsible for the total cost of your premium. Ouch! 


Ohio Business Gateway

Ohio Unemployment

What is FUTA & SUTA?

Unemployment insurance taxes are made up of both FUTA (the federal unemployment insurance tax) and SUTA (the state unemployment insurance tax). Your unemployment insurance tax rates are set at both the federal and state levels.

City Tax

Do you owe city tax? Does your employee owe city tax? What about local school taxes? Find out on “The Finder”

Time Clock

Timekeeping is available for weekly & biweekly employees

On the New Hire Packet – email is required!

Employees Securely clock-in with their browser based employee portal

Time Punch Entry and Manual Entry is available!

Easily Approve and make notes on time cards!

Child Support

We can easily handle your employee’s Child Support. We do charge poundage ($2.00 or more depends on complexity) and withhold the cost from your employee for which you are billed for once a month.

We send the payments online and deduct the payment on the day before payday, pay day, or the soonest day thereafter.


In the event of a layoff, termination, leave of absence without pay, the employer should notify the CSEA in writing within 10 days of the occurrence. The notice should include the employee’s last known address and any available information regarding a new employer or income source.

Also don’t forget to let the payroll department know that the employee is no longer working for you!

Manage Vacation Time

Click Here to see the vacation time formula that we can easily set up and let your employees start earning vacation time. An example rule would be For every 40 regular hours worked, an employee earns 1 hour of vacation time. You can cap the max hours earned and you can limit how much time carrys over into the next year. 


In December of every year, Fireside Tax will send out via Portal an unofficial W2 and W3 Summary. Please review with your employees: Name Spelling, Current Address, Social Security Numbers and any pay discrepancies. Notify Fireside Tax of any issues by phone or email, and confirm that all is correct with Fireside Tax by email.

In January, Fireside tax will send out the finalized W2s. again via Portal. The moment the PDF file is in the Portal, you the employer are notified by email so that you can log in and download.

You the employer, need to postmark the W2s by January 31st every year.

Encourage employees to sign up for the portal by clearly labeling their email on their New Hire Packet and have them select Electronic Delivery when they register in our portal. This saves you time, ink, paper, stamp and money. It is good practice to send a paper copy even if an electronic copy is given, however, you are not required.

Side Note to Employers: We use two different portals. One is run by Patriot Software which you might use for yourself and employees will use – My Patriot

You the employer may have another level of access with Patriot Software which is what you need to control time cards & such. This is not the same as the My Patriot Portal. 

The other is based in Drake Software (Secure File Pro) and is used for your personal and business taxes and sending/receiving sensitive documents like W2s. Secure File Pro


1099s are generated and sent via portal just like W2s

The responsiblity is ultimately the employer’s to get these documents postmarked by January 31st every year.

More Printing Help

Printing Checks or New Hire Packets? We recommend Adobe Acrobat DC to open PDFs with. If you open a PDF from a browser like Edge or Chrome you can get a different print result compared to opening in Adobe. For printing checks and new hire packets, you should print using the Adobe application. Click the following button and uncheck any additional software recommendations to get Adobe Reader. 

Ready to Print? If you are printing checks, test print on copy paper first and figure out the orientation and order your checks need to be in. We print at “Actual Size” in office and get the best results from that. “Fit to size” can scale and distort a check.