Personal Income Taxes

Our individual income tax preparation services have a personal touch. Fireside Tax prepares returns for people in all walks of life, so no matter how you file, we’ll be able to prepare your return accurately, minimize what you owe, and help you in dealing with tax agencies. You’ll work with a locally-owned tax preparer and avoid the assembly-line service you’d find at nationwide chains or with self-preparing software. We provide all of the services of a national chain at half the cost.

Small Business and Independent Contractor Taxes

Contractors, freelancers, and small business owners have more complicated taxes than most. Even if you handle your own bookkeeping day-to-day, we can prepare and e-file your 1120, 1120S, 1065, or schedule C return. We can also help you with estimating your income to make quarterly estimated tax payments and avoid penalties and nasty letters from tax agencies.

State & City Taxes

We are prepared to handle any state or city tax issues you may encounter. (Yes, that includes RITA) We’ll help you understand how to keep city and state taxes under your control. 

Other Tax Situations

We’ll handle estate tax returns, plus income tax returns for estates and trusts. We’ll even handle returns for charitable organizations and other more unusual entities. In the event that you get a notice from the IRS or the state, we’ll make sure you’re protected.

Refund Advances

We now offer advances on your refund of up to $6,000. When you have your W2s call us and schedule an appointment. No need to wait until the end of February for your return if you need the money now. Terms on bank products change with each coming season so please review our blog page for the latest information. Let’s get started on your taxes, please call us for an appointment: 330-478-1505

How do we compare to the "other guys"?

Fireside Tax strives to provide a full range of services that are competitive with the national chains at a much lower price. As real tax professionals we e-file nearly all of our returns which speeds processing time and therefore reduces the time frame for getting your refund from the IRS. We also offer bank products to aide you in getting funds from your refund even faster. Terms on bank products change with each coming season so please review our blog page for the latest information. Don’t get sucked in by glitzy wording in ads from national chains to bait you into overpaying for similar services.

Additional Notes: We are local! Fireside Tax has real in-house accountants review and prepare any tax return that we process. We are human and more capable than any computer or inexperienced tax preparer of understanding your tax situation. We truly are offering our expertise for less than what you might pay at the national chains!

Flat Fee Accounting

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  • Monthly bookkeeping, including draft financials and reconciled balances on bank and credit card accounts
  • Financial statements to better manage your business and taxes
  • 1099s for contractors
  • After-the-fact payroll including W2s and quarterly reports
  • Sales tax calculation and filing

We now offer reasonable flat rates for recurring services based on the size of your business – you’ll never be surprised by the size of your bill!

Flat Fee Payroll

Our Flat Fee Payroll is a low set fee per month for the first 10 employees and a low set fee for each additional 5 employees.

This includes direct deposit, quarterly reports, workers comp, unemployment (state and federal), wage garnishments, child support, W2’s and year end reporting.

We also give discounts for paying the year in advance. Your employees will have access to get their own paystubs and W2s online. You will have online access to your payroll information as well.

Have employees? Let us handle all the complicated payroll withholding and reports for a simple flat fee!

Our payroll services include:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Federal, state, and local withholding.
  • Quarterly Reports (Federal, State, Municipal, Unemployment (Both State and Federal)
  • Workers Comp
  • W2/W3/1099-MISC
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Handling Child Support and Wage
  • Garnishment issue – no extra fee to the employer (we do withhold the poundage fees from the employee’s check.

The beauty of it is there are no schedules of additional fees to sift through to figure out how much you owe the payroll provider and we simplify everything for you in our summary sheets.